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No octopus, T-rex skulls or Shah Lamborghini's included!

Back on 2006, Oscar winner Face/Off and Leaving Las Vegas star Nicolas Cage purchased the pristine and untouched paradisiacal island of Leaf Cay in the Bahamas in the Exumas archipelago about 85 miles southeast of Nassau. Back then the Hollywood heavyweight was a top earner worth around $150 million but after years of extravagent spending who can forget the 70-million-year-old dinosaur skull he paid $276,000 which later turned out to be stolen, resulting in Cage having to return it to the Mongolian government and a $6.3million IRS debt the movie star has had to sell his assets with the private island recently listed with Christies International Real Estate.

Spanning a total of 30 acres, the island has it all - three great beaches, protected deepwater access suitable for anchorage and docking of large yachts, and great elevations. There is also a small pond on the island that would make an ideal private harbour if the new owners wanted to create one.

Located just to the south of Bock Cay the island remain undeveloped, so it will need some work to become livable. But according to the listing, an environmental impact statement was produced, and the island got approvals to construct a marina and five cottages.

Most recently neighbouring island Bock Cay announced a $75 million development that will include a golf course, luxury resort, marina and helipad so you will have some neighbors nearby.

Initially purchased for $3 million the island is now listed for a reported $7.5million


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