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There is something about Lego that brings out the child in all of us, those tiny little plastic bricks have been entertaining kids and adults alike since its release back in 1949 and now one woman has taken things a step further, offering house proud individuals made-to-order Lego replicas of their home ...

Promoted on Etsy e-commerce website designer Shari Austrian, whose shop is appropriately called Little Brick Lane, offers to create a detailed copy of your home with interiors to match in a one-of a-kind-piece using photographs and architectural plans of your home.

For those keen to rush out and order one be warned these replicas are bespoke models so they don't come cheap, infact the designs are calculated on a square foot rate of $1.25 / 95p per square foot, so if you have a large home this Lego kit could become pretty expensive.

The design and building process takes an estimated 10-12 weeks. The sets are the perfect gift for newlyweds, first time buyers or those sentimental about their family home.

To view some examples of homes turned into LEGO sets visit Little Brick Lane online.


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