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Can’t have a pet in your home? This purring cat cushion from Japan is purr-fect..

Cats are wonderful pets, social media is awash with meme's and pages dedicated to these furry felines, but sadly not everyone can keep a cat. If you live in an apartment many owners do not allow pets and of course our busy lifestyles also limit us having pets with many people working long unsociable hours. If this is you and you love cats then do not despair as this cat-shaped cushion called MeowEver is the perr-fect substitute, it not only looks and feels like a cat, but it purrs like one too!

Designed to replicate the look and feel of a sleeping cat, the cushion is as close to the real thing one can get. It is round-shaped and furry and measures about the same as an actual fur-ball, it also has a heartbeat. Inside the cushion, one can find a microwavable gel pack that, when warmed up in the microwave, can hold heat for 40 to 50 minutes.

But the best thing about this cushion is it actually purrs just like a real cat when you stroke its back.

MeowEver, which is being joint produced by realistic pet plush maker Partners and novelty gift maker Felissimo, it is currently up for funding on the crowdfunding sight Makuake, where it has already reached over 3,000 percent of its funding goal, even though it still has 16 days left on the campaign. If you want to get your own and support the project, you can pledge 9,025 yen (US$83) and get a MeowEver in either gray or black by the end of July.

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