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The Omega Speedmaster Super Racing is the first timepiece in the world to include the new Spirate system, featuring a patented hairspring for the utmost accuracy..

From record-breaking deep-sea dives to lunar landings, OMEGA’s legacy is replete with large-scale accomplishments. The first of this year’s big achievements is in fact rather tiny.

OMEGA’s latest Speedmaster is fine-tuned for precision thanks to the Spirate™ System, which includes a revolutionary new patent-pending spiral that allows for ultra-fine rate adjustments. Thanks to this one-of-a-kind mechanism, it is now possible for OMEGA to achieve certified precision of only 0/+2 seconds a day. To meet these narrow targets, OMEGA had to quite literally reinvent the wheel: drawing on both the technical resources of the Swatch Group and the precision, stability and reliabity of OMEGA’s chronometrically superior in-house movements.

The innovative solution was a totally new Si14 balance spring which allows the watchmaker to act on the stiffness of the hairspring’s attachment point through an eccentric adjustment mechanism located on the balance bridge.This new approach, based on the design of a high precision articulated structure with flexible bearings, is a superb example of OMEGA’s willingness to run with new ideas: to make progress by taking on challenges.

The Speedmaster Super Racing is modelled on a concept watch presently in the Omega Museum that was an experimental watch built to withstand extraordinarily high magnetic fields of up to 160,000 Gauss featuring a black honeycomb with generous yellow accents.

Delivered in a honeycomb pattern Speedmaster watch box in black with yellow stitching the special presentation box includes a black and yellow striped NATO strap, and strap changing tool.


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