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Sothebys's International Real Estate offers for the first time in 83 years this incredible residence is a truly iconic and unique and absolute waterfront residence..

Occupying a prized 1271 m2 parcel of north facing land on the footsteps of Sydney Harbour. Nestled in an exclusive waterfront cul-de sac between idyllic Parsley and Vaucluse Bay, this waterfront residence boasts breathtaking harbour views and direct access into the glistening waters of Sydney harbour. Undeniably handsome with its timeless P&O architecture, virtually all rooms embrace spectacularly intimate harbour views over the boat-studded waters of Parsley Bay and the gentle sounds of lapping water from every level.

The property is in an ideal location with direct access to and unbelievable views of the harbour. Meticulously designed with great attention to detail, the property was crafted with a modern architectural vision. Almost every room features breath-taking views of the harbour overlooking Parsley Bay. Pt Seymour is not only a beautiful property by the water but also offers extraordinary views in a unique location.

History of the home

Horace Edward Pearce Bracey originally purchased two parcels of land in 1939 for the equivalent of just $4220 from Sydney Ferries Ltd. Sydney Ferries Ltd had purchased the land in 1920 from European, William Charles Wentworth, who was an explorer, author and politician. Horace had originally bought a non-waterfront plot for £1300 and later paid £810 for land further northeast that was previously an old ferry wharf. Although the £2110 total translates to $4220 in today’s money, the real value would have been around $195,000. The site was also home to a convenience store, with parts of the home today still bearing hallmarks and architecture from it.

One of Bracey’s old school friends, George Thomas, designed the home. Inspired through P&O architecture, Mr Thomas utilised the existing structure from the store to create a northeast balcony and a spiral stairwell. In fact, the curved-frontage is thought to have been built in 1910 and remains today. Most rooms in the home also include spectacular harbour views over the boat-studded waters of Parsley Bay.

A summer house and garden was also added by Mr Bracey, creating a stunning waterfront property. Mr Bracey lived there until he passed in 1948. His brother – Eric Oswald Bracey, then took it on. After his death the home was passed on down the family.

The property is listed with Michael Pallier of Sydney Sotheby’s Realty for $50million

Images provided courtesy of Sydney Sotheby’s International Realty


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