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PATRÓN Tequila, is entering the metaverse this summer for the first time with "Summer Made Sensational: A PATRÓN Pop-Up Series."

The experience will offer tequila enthusiasts a vibrant escape through a unique cocktail-themed journey in Decentraland, a 3D virtual world browser-based platform.

This entry into the metaverse is a natural progression for the brand after its initial venture into Web 3.0 through its first-ever NFT, PATRÓN Chairman's Reserve. "Summer Made Sensational: A PATRÓN Pop-Up Series" embraces the ever-growing metaverse with a captivating, virtual reality adventure and bar takeover experience inspired by three refreshingly perfect cocktails from PATRÓN - the PATRÓN Perfect Paloma, PATRÓN Silver & Soda, and PATRÓN Añejo Highball. US residents 21 and older will help bartenders find the essential ingredients needed for making each drink in three cocktail-themed quests, while also having the opportunity to explore limited time pop-ups and unlock exclusive PATRÓN NFT wearables.

When entering the PATRÓN experience, metaverse fans will automatically arrive at the first cocktail-inspired location and be greeted by a PATRÓN host. A PATRÓN bartender will then detail each journey that centers around sourcing different ingredients to make a refreshingly perfect cocktail at all three locations - Jazz Club, Flamingos and Metaverse Festival. Following the successful completion of each quest, participants will portal to the next bar to take on a whole new cocktail mission.

U.S. residents who successfully complete all three challenges will be entered for a chance to win the grand prize — a once in a lifetime trip to Punta Mita, Mexico and a rare mythic wearable within the metaverse.

The PATRÓN grand prize will include:

  • Exclusive access to mythic PATRÓN summer shades

  • Travel for two people from the United States to Punta Mita, Mexico

  • 4-night accommodation in a luxe three-bedroom condo for two people in Punta Mita

  • Three meals provided a day (alcohol is not included)

  • Unlimited golf and golf cart usage at Punta Mita Golf Courses during the stay

  • Use of Punta Mita Ocean Sports aquatic equipment ie. Surf boards, SUP boards, kayaks, etc.

Metaverse users can participate in this virtual vibrant escape hosted by PATRÓN through during two weekends this month, August 12-14 and/or August 19-21 from Friday 5pm EST to Monday 4am EST. A grand prize will be awarded each weekend of the PATRÓN events. For official grand prize rules, please visit


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