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Porsche Design Woman Ruby is the fourth women’s fragrance from the exclusive Porsche Design lifestyle brand..

Inspired by the vision of a powerful, independent woman who finishes a long and successful day then enjoys a cool drink after hours as the sun goes down Porsche Design Woman Ruby has top notes of sunny bergamot and mandarin shades, underscored by an elegant and fresh floral fragrance of peony.

Presented in a sleekly designed bottle the elliptical shape is iconic and conceals a surprising feature which is both unique and practical: on the bottom there is a mirror which can be used to for checking makeup with a quick glance while you refresh your scent – the same gesture is familiar from checking rear-view mirrors.

Porsche lovers will note that the shape is reminiscent of the side mirrors of the legendary Porsche 911 – this is no accident, but rather a smart design solution by Porsche Design, and one which brings together elegance and functionality. The scent experience is expressed in the color of the bottle: Porsche Design Woman Ruby shines in an extravagant ruby tone, which for the first time references an original Porsche color. In another first, this bottle is adorned with a graphical signature – a stylised peony which depicts part of the scent signature.

After a series of successful men’s fragrances, Porsche Design Woman was launched in 2019 – and with it, a new success story began. This first creation with radiant white floral notes was followed-up in 2020 by the intensely sensual Porsche Design Woman Black. In the same year, Porsche Design Woman Satin made its appearance – a floral yet minimalist rose-based scent. In 2023, Porsche Design presents a new landmark with Woman Ruby: the result of advanced perfumery, which has created a fragrance that embraces sustainability and is based on recent neuroscientific discoveries.


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