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Prada launches Prada Skin and Prada Color, debuting with the "Rethinking Beauty" campaign. The collection reimagines existing definitions and expectations to open new perspectives and possibilities of beauty. Unmistakably Prada in its intention and execution, the new Skin & Color collection offers a universal yet personalized beauty experience..

Prada rethinks skin through the lens of adaptation. Harnessing the power of adaptive skin technology, the Augmented Skin range empowers the skin's inherent resilience to renew, regenerate, and reinforce itself. Prada Color rethinks self-reinvention as the new self-expression, showcasing an eclectic curation of colors and textures that are mindfully drawn from the brand's vision and inspiration. Realized in tandem, the respective skincare and makeup collections reconcile minimalism and maximalism; sophistication and playfulness; simplicity and versatility, drawing from both heritage and technology for formulas and packaging that bring luxury and responsibility into harmonious conversation.

At the heart of the campaign lie enigmatic codes that encapsulate Prada's DNA and philosophy. Coding, an embodiment of technological prowess and process behind each product, weaves its omnipresent threads throughout the campaign. Light, an ethereal symbol of performance, frames every product as it transcends the coding and inverts shadows to conjure luminous halos. Guided by the iconic Prada Green and Prada Triangle, the campaign comes together to embrace a hyper-tech metamorphosis of heritage and innovation. The new campaign emerges as a visionary collaboration across an eclectic spectrum of creatives, bridging the physical and digital.

The Rethinking Beauty campaign launches worldwide across print, digital, and outdoor media from August 1st. Prada extends an intriguing invitation to rethink beauty, with creative experimentation and playful exploration that is unconventional and ever-evolving.


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