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A new limited-edition inspired by the sounds of the 1980's..

Rémy Martin has announced a new limited-edition bottle that pays homage to the timeless vibrance of VSOP Cognac and the excellence of mixtape music culture in the 1980's. Following the release of the first mixtape VSOP bottle, Volume 2 revisits the vibrant tonalities of mixtape culture and the eternally stylish graphics of the 80's, making it a true collector's item and keepsake.

The Rémy Martin VSOP Mixtape Volume 2 celebrates two deeply rooted cultures, Music and Cognac. Historically, both have been at the center of celebrations that bring people together and create deep connections and lasting memories. The musical style and peak performance of mixtape culture in the 80's combined with the know-how of successful artists from that time have paved way for the music of the future. Each Rémy Martin Cognac transmits the style and signature of a Cellar Master's blend from one generation to the next, preserving its premium quality and taste while paving the way for future innovations. Music and Cognac both echo the heart and soul of a moment in time and the essence what is to come.

New for the Volume 2 limited-edition release is the addition of a QR code which leads to unique playlists curated by a collective of DJs who drew inspiration from the sounds that came from each of their home cities. In the playlists, DJ Suss One from New York, DJ Meel from Los Angeles and Jamal Smallz from Chicago feature music of renowned artists who played an impactful role in the evolution of hip-hop sound and mixtape culture in the 80's.

The VSOP Mixtape Volume 2 is an invitation to rediscover a 60's bottle with a refined and updated label. The 60's design features an elegant cream label emblazoned with the golden centaur, the signature of the Rémy Martin brand.

The new release is inspired by the eternally stylish colorful graphics of the 80's and 90's and is presented in a premium gift box, making it a true collector's item and keepsake.


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