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Elegance, sophistication and innovation without equal a vision that redefines exceptional living. Welcome to The Heart of Europe: the world’s most inspirational luxury destination with sustainability and innovation at its core….

Based on six islands that portray the very best of Europe, The Heart of Europe is a group of islands in Dubai’s ‘The World’ archipelago being developed by The Kleindienst Group and while the Covid-19 outbreak has halted business activities onshore, the Heart of Europe islands are currently abuzz with activities where engineers, consultants and workers are speeding up construction works – thanks to the offshore location and stringent prevention standards that have kept the island safe, dynamic and healthy with phase I set to open by the end of 2020.

Originally conceived in 2008 the project aims to become a must-visit destination for all UAE residents and tourists offering memorable and authentic European cultural and culinary experiences in dreamy Maldives islands settings without having to fly out of the UAE. Phase 1 of The Heart of Europe that consists of three islands – Sweden, Germany and Honeymoon Island, along with 78 floating Seahorse Villas – the three-level floating homes with underwater views and Portofino Hotel.


With just 10 luxury waterfront Beach Palaces with their own exclusive stretch of sand, Sweden Island offers the privacy and life-affirming tranquility that can only exist in authentic residential setting.

The ambiance will be refined and exclusive, with carefully curated events – including extraordinary Swedish Midsummer, National Day, St Martin’s Day, Walpurgis Eve, Saint Lucia, and crayfish parties. The calendar will also pay homage to the country’s increasingly-popular film, music, and arts scene. And naturally, restaurants will take their lead from Sweden’s exciting cuisine, with delicacies such as sour herring, meatballs, Raggmunkar, toast Skagen, smörgåsbord, mouth-watering crayfish, hot mulled wine, Snaps, and Glὃgg.


A secluded, horseshoe-shaped Island, Germany will be home to 32 magnificent six-bedroom beach and lagoon villas. 17 of these will face onto a gorgeous azure-blue lagoon with its own elegant bar, and a stunning seascape of coral reefs nurtured in Kleindienst’s own nursery from real coral fragments. They are among The Heart of Europe’s most prestigious properties.

Innovative sustainability features will be embedded in the beautiful design. And the Island’s public spaces will brim with the country’s rich cultural heritage. Traditional carnivals, Christmas markets, Schützenfest, wine festivals, and internationally-acclaimed Oktoberfest will draw crowds from across the Heart of Europe. National and regional cuisines will also star, as expert chefs plate up the finest examples of Eintopf, Bratwurst, and Spätzle; accompanied by vintage Schnaps and Glühwein and the finest German beers and wines.


The place to see and be seen; Honeymoon Island will be The Heart of Europe’s most idyllic retreat – and home to the world-famous Floating Seahorse Villas.

In contrast with the excitement of nearby Europe Island, Honeymoon Island has a more refined, chic yet no less enticing cache of attractions. From the upscale modern European restaurant and upper lounge, to the 200-guest outdoor reception area, it will be a stunning setting for events ranging from The White Nights Festival to the very best of classical ballet, opera and music.


A feat of innovation achieved by a marriage of engineering and imagination; The Floating Seahorse Villas are breathtakingly unique home from which to enjoy the best The Heart of Europe has to offer. Their proximity to so many world-famous attractions would be reason alone to invest. Yet The Floating Seahorse Villas’ true allure is a unique world first – an authentic luxury underwater living experience.

Connected to Honeymoon Island by floating jetties, the Signature Edition of The Floating Seahorse Villa is designed especially for families with children and groups of friends. Extending over 4,000 square feet across three levels, each will be home to enviable special features, state-of-the-art technology and outdoor climate-controlled areas. But the crowning glory is undoubtedly the underwater level and its wide views onto coral reefs full of beauty and life.


As the first five-star, family-only hotel in the region, Portofino Hotel exudes contemporary Mediterranean architecture featuring 489 spacious sea view suites including a facade ornate with magnificent hanging gardens and over 30,000 plants.

More than just a hotel, this destination is home to a dedicated harbour, European style cafés, a ladies only wellness centre fit for a queen and an abundance of entertainment including the kid’s club operated by a leading kids club brand, white sandy beaches, a snow plaza, a theater and over 500 aquariums for the kids to discover the magical underwater world.

Whether guests are looking to sail across the waters on a yacht, soak up the Mediterranean lifestyle, splash in the pool with the kids or feast on culinary delights, they’ll have everything at their fingertips at this highly sought-after family resort.

Kleindienst is also gearing up to deliver Monaco and Nice boutique hotels at Côte D’Azur resort, the ‘South of France getaways’ located at the Main Europe Island. These majestic low rise hotels will feature picturesque courtyards, lagoon shaped swimming pools, and spacious elegant hotel suites with spa like bathrooms, en-suite viewing decks and unobstructed views of the water. A SUSTAINABLE LUXURY DESTINATION:

Ultimately, the Heart of Europe is set to become one of the most scenic and experiential luxury destinations in the Middle-East and the world. The project, which combines high levels of sustainability with innovation, will add 15 atmospheric and highly differentiated hotels to the Dubai offering, 4,000 holiday homes and strong investor options including the iconic Floating Seahorse Villas and the beachfront boutique hotels at Cote d’Azur and Portofino resorts.

With sustainability at its core, the Heart of Europe will see the development of more than 500,000 square metres of coral reefs and feature Spanish olive trees that are between 100 and 1,500 years old that were sourced from Andalusia, a region in Spain’s southern coast, and the world’s first climate controlled rainy street and snow plaza. The island will host magnificent hanging gardens on the façade of the Portofino inspired hotel with an astonishing 31,000 plants. It will also offer sustainable entertainment with zero emissions with no harm to nature such as hologram circus and synchronized swimming shows.

The Heart of Europe will also deploy sustainable landscaping that will be pesticide free, fungicide free and will be showered with recycled water. The island is also committed to be totally car free, use clean energy and will eventually offer sustainable water transportation to the guests.

Lastly, to complete the empathetic hospitality and meaningful ‘island time’ experiences, the destination hotels will be touchless. The fully integrated hospitality app will enable the guests to manage entertainment and dining reservations across the destination directly from their mobiles or to monitor and customize their preferred lightning or temperature settings in their suites on the spot without having to place a call or any waiting time.

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