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As one of the most popular cities in the U.S. with its warm climate, beaconing beaches and yachting opportunities, it’s no surprise that Miami is home to its share of the world’s billionaires.

This waterfront estate on a secure private island, also bordering a golf course, not only broke Miami’s sales record for real estate so far in 2019 at $50 million, but also broke the same record in 2012 at $47 million.

Referred to as “billionaire bunker,” the private island known as Indian Creek Village has only 41 homes with an average home value of over $21 million, though with this current sale may have risen. Home to A-listers and billionaire businessmen, the island is one of the country’s most highly secured residential communities with the one entrance heavily guarded and a private police force that patrols on land and water 24 hours a day. It’s where the elite can rub elbows comfortably with their peers. The homes offer the opportunity to step onto their yachts in the backyard and step out the front door for a round of golf. Private and quiet, well, except for all those police, it’s just the place for a business mogul, celebrity or supermodel to kick back, decompress and soak up the sunshine.

The contemporary home was developed by Shlomy Alexander of Alexander Group Construction who built it in the style of a private resort. It is comprised of 10 bedrooms, 14 baths, a 3D movie theater, recording studio, vertical garden and indoor reflecting pools. With mostly glass walls to take in the city skyline across Biscayne Bay, it was built with a series of outdoor pavilions connected by stone walkways and garden walls. It features a 100-foot swimming pool, spa and cabana, six wet bars, a rooftop sky bar and Jacuzzi. There is also a glass-walled waterfront gym and a beach with pink sand imported from the Bahamas.

With just 41 homes, the village has wealthy and famous residents such as billionaire Norman Braman, Carl Icahn, Adriana Lima, Eddie Lampert, former Miami Dolphins coach Don Shula and Spanish heartthrob crooner Julio Iglesias, who owns five lots on the island.


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