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Whisky investment specialists Stewart and Robertson merge old world traditions with new age technology with the launch of the Wizky Club...

After a long day, there is nothing better than sipping a smooth top-shelf whisky and while most whisky enthusiasts will take pleasure in tasting a “wee dram” of Balvenie, Lagavulin or McCallan owning a rare bottle or simply buildings one collection is the ultimate dream.

Over the past few years investing in rare whisky investment has proven to be a very lucrative, little do everyday investors know, rare whiskies outstrip rare stamps, coins and even cars at auctions according to Sotheby’s 2020 Wine & Spirits Market Report, spirits now account for 19% of the auction house’s Auction & Retail sales share, compared to 1% in 2016. And for good reason, apparently: Knight Frank consultancy said in its 2020 Wealth Report that rare whiskies are more lucrative than rare stamps, coins and even cars as investment assets, increasing roughly 582% in value over a 10-year period

however, laying one’s hands on these rarest of bottles isn’t easy its supply is limited and of course it doesn’t come cheap and that is why Singapore-based whisky investment specialists Stewart and Robertson have launched the ‘Wizky Club’ a whisky investment platform unlike any other merging old world traditions with new age technology.

The Wizky Club's mission is to provide access to any individual, enthusiast or connoisseur the chance to invest in their very own ‘Wizky non-fungible tokens’ or NFTs with the intent to build a digital economy metaverse where all members get a chance to enjoy their whisky. Members get rewarded for owning NFTs, drinking and converting their NFTs, buying and selling bottles/casks/tokens on their marketplace, taking part in metaverse games and activities, and much more.

Over the coming months and years, The Wizky Club will launch a series of casks and rare bottles that are hard to buy elsewhere with each cask and bottle carefully selected and sliced into X number of NFTs (shares) per collection to represent a real-world ownership. The NFTs will be split into 2 formats; Bottles and Casks with each format having a different utility.

The club will also curate a selection of rare casks or bottles and engage with its community to define the pricing, the utility and the activities. Activities may include real world, real venue events where members get to sample and enjoy the liquid itself.

To get the ball rolling the club has just launched its first collection a stunning 32-year-old cask of Macallan offering 1000 NFTs which is equivalent to 275 bottles of whisky with each NFT to be priced from 0.4 ether which is a approx. £611 however prices are subject to change.

For those interested in investing it is worth knowing that most recently a rare “forgotten” 35-year-old cask of Macallan fetched an incredible £1,017,000 via the online auction on the Whisky Hammer site.

By fractionalizing each bottle or cask into NFTs The Wizky Club has revolutionised the world of whisky investment. For more information visit:


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