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Developed in collaboration with SylvesterStallone, the new RM 25-01 Adventure tourbillon chronograph attests a desire on the part of Richard Mille and the artist to conquer the most thoroughly hostile of natural environments.

Designed for extreme conditions and machined out of grade 5 titanium, Richard Mille engineers spent several months reducing the weight of the watch while increasing its precision and long-term chronometric reliability. The overall reduction in inertia goes hand in hand with a 50 per cent lower energy consumption. The 70-hour power-reserve, visible using the coupling and function indicators, drives an unusual 24-hour display, essential for distinguishing am and pm should the viewer be deprived of sunlight.

A green capsule attached to the watch case at four o’clock is a spirit level that can be used to ensure the watch is perfectly horizontal when using the compass. And another handy accessory is a titanium frame – the detached compass can be mounted on the frame and laid flat on a map for navigation.

The enormous watch case water resistant to 100 metres / 330 feet is made of Carbon TPT, a carbon fiber composite made up of alternating layers of carbon, explaining the woodgrain surface pattern of the material. “TPT” is short for Thin Ply Technologies, the Swiss materials firm that supplies the raw material for the case.

In keeping with the spirit of adventure that emanates from this watch, designed with ‘Sly’ Stallone, a sculptural strap in natural rubber sporting a camouflage motif and a strong pin-buckle in grade 5 titanium keep the ergonomic curves of this imposing timepiece.

Priced at a shade just under US$1 million the watch is limited to just of 20 pieces

For more information visit Richard Mille


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