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New Rome experiences through the countryside, vineyards & ancient ruins

offered by ArcheoRunning ..

Travelers visiting Rome now have more opportunities to explore the Eternal City in a new light with ArcheoRunning’s new AR Experiences through the countryside, vineyards and urban Roman ruins. With three different full day experiences, travelers can choose to trek from Tuscolo to Frascati, find peace in the vineyards of Castelli Romani, and journey through the ruins of Ancient Rome from the aqueducts to the Appian Way.

  • The ArcheoTrekking Experience takes history and art lovers to Tusculum, an ancient Roman city in the Alban Hills most famous for its luxurious patrician country villas. Here travelers will explore archaeological excavations of a forum, temples, and theater, before continuing on to Villa Falconieri, the oldest of the Tuscolan Renaissance villas. After being immersed in nature with art and history, the tour ends in Frascati with stops at the village highlights and a traditional lunch. Up to 5 people in a group can be accommodated for 150€ per person. Private tours for up to 2 people are 600€

For wine lovers, the EnoWellness Tour takes travelers around the beautiful vineyards of Castelli Romani. A vineyard walk is followed by a massage using the therapeutic effects of the grapes. Next the experience includes a local food and wine tasting. The EnoWellness Tour is only available as a private offering for 1 or 2 people. Cost is 600€.

  • The ArcheoUrbanTrekking Experience is a light journey of Ancient Rome starting in the lush Parco degli Acquedotti. Travelers will learn about the ancient Roman aqueducts, one of the greatest engineering works during ancient times, before continuing on to the ancient ruins in Caffarella Park. Here there are several sites of archaeological interest, as well as a working farm, and 78 species of birds and fauna. The experience ends with a stroll down the Appia Antica to visit the passing monuments and lunch in a traditional Roman eatery. Up to 5 people in a group can be accommodated for 150€ per person. Private tours for up to 2 people are 500€.

Available year round, rates noted include guide, transportation, and activities depending on the experience.

ArcheoRunning’s new AR Experiences complement a variety of other running and walking tours of Hidden Rome, Ostia Antica, notable film spots, Villa Borghese and more. Culinary and private shopping experiences are also offered.

For more information on ArcheoRunning or to book a tour, please visit

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