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Following Russia's invasion of Ukraine luxury department store Harrods has imposed it's own set of spending sanctions on high spending Russian's..

As the world continues to impose sanctions on Russia and chase after Putin and his oligarch's millions the United Kingdom issued it's own set of sanctions targeting the sale of luxury goods. In response to this the famous Knightsbridge store has alerted all it's Russian clients who live in Russia that a spending tariff has been imposed and that they will no longer be able to purchase any luxury goods worth more that £300.

In a email seen by The Telegraph, Harrods wrote: “As you may be aware, the UK authorities have introduced further regulations as part of their ongoing sanctions against Russia, which specifically target the sale of luxury goods. The regulations seek to prohibit the supply of many categories of luxury goods over certain values (generally £300) to individuals who are either currently or ordinarily in Russia.”

The spending tarriff will affect luxury labels such as Balmain, Burberry and Crème de La Mer amongst others, for Russian nationals living in the UK the spending tarriff is not applicable.

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