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Bentley for men black edition bottles the spirit of stealthy Blackline cars..

Bentley’s Blackline specification lends its cars an extra layer of mystique and contemporary allure, and this essence has been bottled in the form of its Bentley For Men Black Edition fragrance. Blackline drivers can now reflect their taste for four-wheeled luxury in the scent they wear.

Blackline is for Bentley owners who enjoy the stealthiness of toned-down brightware. Body colours can still be bold, but a noir alternative to the exterior chrome-work gives the Continental GT and GTC, Flying Spur and Bentayga a dark side. It’s proving a popular specification, 40 per cent of Bentleys currently produced are outfitted with the Blackline pack. All chrome and satin finishes – with the exception of the winged-badge and Flying-B mascot’s feathers – goes Beluga black. This includes the brawny wheels, crystal-like lamp surrounds an imposing matrix grille. The effect is brooding, modern and distinguished.

This sense of sleek masculinity translates to Bentley’s latest gentleman’s fragrance, the Black Edition. The bottle itself is as sharp and monochrome as a tailored tuxedo. It is designed to reflect the lines and curves of a Bentley, with a bellicose elegance that has been in the company’s bloodline since founder WO Bentley’s pre-war racing cars and sporting tourers. The diamond-shaped body of the flacon, in heavy black glass, is discretely textured by silver-white stripes. Its opaque finish enhances the polished silver metal shoulders of the bottle, embossed with the celebrated Winged-B. The silver cap is ringed with Bentley’s signature knurling.

The scent is as seductive as any Crewe-built car’s interior, both crafted from luxurious natural materials. For this Black Edition of the For Men fragrances, master perfumer Dorothée Piot plays on the striking contrast of luminous notes, enhancing a sophisticated background of polished dark woods – much like the inner and outer worlds of a Blackline Bentley.

In the opening, a radiant accord of powdery violet and tangy tangerine feels as fresh as a clean white shirt. Cool pink pepper and nutmeg add the silvery flash of a pair of sleek, brushed steel cufflinks. Brightened by a hint of jasmine – the gleam of a silk tie – the heart of the fragrance unfolds like a dark, subtly-textured fabric of smooth patchouli and earthy papyrus. Darker still, the drydown weaves cool incense, tobacco-scented tonka bean and leather-tinged Atlas cedarwood on a base of musk and crisp, dry wood.

Like the Blackline series, this perfume is all about cutting-edge gravitas, lending the wearer a scent that is both purposeful and enigmatic.

Bentley For Men Black Edition Eau De Parfum £69 for 100ml

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