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Featuring 22 state-of-the-art laboratories for oceanic research and able to house 160 scientist Earth 300 is a floating city of science ..

Award-winning superyacht designers Iddes Yachts led by naval architect Iván Salas Jefferson, have unveiled a bold new conceptual exploration yacht that looks more like a ship of the future. than an expedition ship.

Envisaged to “face the greatest challenges on earth” the Earth 300, spans an impressive 984-foot with space for 22 state-of-the-art laboratories housing 160 scientists along with 20 experts-in-residence, 20 students, 40 VIP guests, and 165 crew.

The pied de resistance is the giant sphere that houses the “city of science” which resides on the aft deck.

Designed to sail without emissions Earth 300 will work with nuclear technology known as molten salt reactors (MSR), providing clean and sustainable energy and cheaper than other types of propulsion. Danish startup Seaborg Technologies recently secured $24 million for the development of marine reactors.

Iddes Yachts anticipates Earth 300 will launch in 2025


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