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Exclusively equipped, extremely capable off-road pickup brilliantly white on the inside and out..

The BRABUS 800 Adventure XLP SUPERWHITE high-performance pickup is another highlight in the long success story of supercars from Bottrop that has now continued for over four decades. With it, Brabus once more demonstrates the huge wealth of expertise of the company accredited as a vehicle manufacturer with the German Federal Motor Transport Authority.

The basis for this exclusive pickup is the Mercedes AMG G63. To transform it into the BRABUS 800 Adventure XLP, the Brabus engineers employed state-of-the-art CAD technology to develop a new rear cab wall with heated window for the passenger compartment, which of course remains just as spacious as before.

The Brabus cargo bed takes the place of the trunk. To accommodate the bed, Brabus developed a special, high-strength frame module for the off-roader that allows moving the rear suspension further aft. As a result, the wheelbase grows by exactly 50 centimeters (20 in), which also necessitated designing a longer driveshaft.

The newly created vehicle length of 5.31 meters (209 in) offers space for a cargo bed with a wide range of uses. In order to achieve the greatest possible stability, the bed floor is made from sheet steel. The side-opening tailgate is also made from this material. The carbon bedsides are produced by Brabus business division CSP by means of the complex prepreg process.

The design engineers use Flexi Teak as the material for the bed liner, which can also be found in the high-performance boats from Brabus Marine. The material on this pickup is white and features gray Brabus logotypes matching the overall color scheme. As a striking contrast to the white special paintwork, the double bed bars behind the cab of the BRABUS 800 Adventure XLP SUPERWHITE feature matt black coating as well as the robust roof luggage rack for which a roof tent is optionally available. The “800” model badge on the tailgate likewise sits on a black background.

BRABUS developed a completely new suspension concept to ensure the pickup can also be used for heavy-duty off-road operations. The engineers and technicians opted for portal axles, which give the pickup a whopping 49 centimeters (19.2 in) of ground clearance.

New parts made from high-strength aluminum were produced for the Brabus independent suspension at the front axle. Using cutting-edge CNC technology, the company milled a special integral subframe and new control arms from solid pieces of aluminum. The newly designed rigid axle at the rear also required producing numerous tailor-made components such as all control arms and the reinforced axle housing.

The portal axles increase not only the ground clearance, but also allow significantly greater axle articulation, which is extremely advantageous in tough off-road operations.

To match this design, Brabus developed the height-adjustable Brabus Ride Control coilover suspension for the BRABUS 800 Adventure XLP SUPERWHITE. The standard DYNAMIC SELECT suspension adjustment enables the driver to select different setups for the titanium-coated struts. This makes it possible to adapt the damping, powertrain, steering and assistance systems optimally to the different operating conditions.


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