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Soccer star Lionel Messi who recently signed with French Club Paris Saint Germain has confirmed that part of his signing on fee includes some of the French club's cryptocurrency fan tokens..

While the total amount of his $30million welcome bonus that will be paid in cryptocurrency has not been announced officially, the club announced that it was a “significant” amount of the total bonus. As a result of the buzz surrounding the arrival of Messi to the new club, the fan token experienced a big increase in its trading volumes.

The official fan token of the club trading volumes exceeded $1.2 billion in the days leading up to his arrival. Also, the price skyrocketed 130% in five amidst reports that indicated Messi could be coming to the club.

The PSG fan token was launched in January 2020, as a part of the Socios.com token platform, and had an initial price of 2 euros at present the value sits at $33.15 (at the time of writing), rising significantly since its issuance. These tokens give holders some kind of decision power in some of the matters regarding the club.

With football clubs looking at alternative ways to raise revenue fan tokens are the thing with clubs, like AC Milan, and Barcelona FC, already issuing their fan tokens to capitalize on the relationship with its fan base and many premiership clubs looking to launch this year

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