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Mercedes-Maybach all-electric vehicles will exclusively transport Space Perspective Explorers on the ground during travel to and from their spaceflights..

Mercedes-Maybach is partnering with Space Perspective, the world's first and only carbon-neutral spaceflight experience company. Founded in 2019 by human spaceflight veterans Jane Poynter and Taber MacCallum, Space Perspective has completely reimagined space travel, aiming to make human spaceflight safer and more accessible than ever before with its innovative Spaceship Neptune.

The spacecraft features a pressurized capsule propelled slowly and safely to 100,000 feet by a giant SpaceBalloon™, and with its carbon-neutral approach, it is designed to be as gentle on Space Perspective's Explorers as it is on the Earth. The capsule's customizable interior cabin accommodates eight Explorers and a Captain and includes a world-class travel experience complete with meal and cocktail service. Together, the partners are exploring more ways to bring the magic of the Mercedes-Maybach brand to the transformative experience that Space Perspective offers its Explorers.

Mercedes-Maybach vehicles will transport Explorers as ground shuttles during spaceflight trips

In line with the sustainable mindset of Space Perspective, Mercedes-Maybach will provide all-electric vehicles to shuttle Explorers and guests to and from Space Perspective facilities, local activities and the launch site on Florida's Space Coast. Thanks to this partnership, Space Perspective customers will be able to ride comfortably and sustainably to and from their trips to the edge of space.

Mercedes-Maybach global brand campaign features Space Perspective's Spaceship Neptune

Space Perspective's innovative spacecraft makes a cameo in the new Mercedes-Maybach global brand film and appears in select campaign assets – an expression of how the driving experience transports passengers to the beyond, which is much like Space Perspective's mission to offer its Explorers transformative perspective shifts through spaceflight.

Space Perspective will resume uncrewed test flights this year, which pave the way for crewed test flights next year. At the end of 2024, the company aims to begin commercial flights for their more than 1,650 ticketed Explorers to date. Reservations are now being taken. For more information or to book a trip, please visit


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