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California-based designer Steve Kozloff has unveiled 'Trident' the worlds largest trimaran concept which cuts a striking silhouette on the open seas..

The stunning 328 foot (100 meter) multihull double-masted trimaran concept cuts a fine figure with a superstructure of six decks, two helipads (one on each of the vessel's crossbeams), and two rigid tilting sails that when open can reach a whopping height of 228ft to cruise the ocean.

Inside the multi-level interiors provides curved walls, and a multitude of large windows providing a near panoramic view. With over 5,100 square feet of living space Trident features a 682 ft² owner’s suite located in the bow of the center hull, and 2 master suites located at the bow of the two amas, guest cabins that can host 26 guests in full luxury, and crew cabins that accommodate 20 crew.

The large piano bar and entertainment salon area on the upper deck include floor to ceiling windows providing views of the surrounding seascap and a network of walkways to access other areas of the boat.

As with all Steve Kozloff designs there is a full-beam garage which can hold two tenders, along with U-Boat Worx’s Nemo submarine and other water toys as well as two large swimming pools which and two spas found forward and aft on the main hull.

Trident is part of the Goliath Series whose lineup includes Galleon, Elegante, and Glory as part of its lineup which features a Solid Sail system designed by French outfit Chantiers de L’Atlantique which offers many great advantages over traditional sailing rigs none more so than the two free-standing masts that can tilt 70 degrees forward to reduce the air draft from 238 feet to 138.5 feet making it possible for the Trident to traverse below most bridges and gain access to many notable harbors, with the sails fully deployed, it is expected that Trident can reach speeds of up to 12 knots. She is also fitted with a hybrid (diesel-electric) system that enables a top speed of 17 knots enabling her to cover 6,700 nautical miles when cruising at 14 knots (16mph) on diesel alone.


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