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Creating unexpected and fantastic architecture ..

Studio Lasan offers design services, technical consulting, and supervision in architecture in the beautiful country of Croatia. The mission statement of Romana Lasan, Architect at Studio Lasan, is that her process is consistent growth and evolution which is intricate yet chaotic. She never knows what type of project is waiting for her until she tears the walls down. Through specific research, Studio Lasan discovers new possibilities of space.

At Studio Lasan there is a four-step work process that the architects follow to create satisfactory and evolutionary projects for their clients. The first step includes research from the team of architects – this process is vibrant and fun and begins with an exploration of the physical environment of a certain location. The architects consider historical geographical and cultural features during this process. The second step of the process is the experimental stage, where architects will experiment with default and authentic materials, forms, and shapes to add in an unexpected value to the project.

The third step for the architects is the creation step - the architects strive to design remarkable architecture that is different and does not follow trends, instead it strives to achieve timeless aesthetics and universal value. The last and final step of the architecture process is the impression. The architects dedicate their energy and creativity into designing and creating a beautiful aura in the space of the occupant.

Studio Lasan has been recognized by experts this year and has been awarded by Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of Best Luxury Apartment Interior Design for ‘WOW Small Apartment’ in Croatia.

The project that won the award is a futuristic studio apartment style with a different idea designed by Romana Lasan. The architect wanted to achieve something unique and new that has never been seen anywhere else. The apartment, which is in Lipotica, part of Zadar at the entrance to Jazine, is a multi-functional apartment with a wow effect. It is incredible to see that the wow affect has been designed within the minimum square footage of the apartment. The apartment is housed in a new apartment building which overlooks the upcoming university campus, and the studio consists of 25m2 finished off with tiles and floors and was unfurnished. The architect’s main idea was to design a studio apartment within the minimum area that would be attractive to potential rental clients for their stay. The architect wanted the apartment to be multi-functional therefore she researched multifunctionality, multifunctional furniture and the amenities that a studio apartment should have.

The apartment comprises of an entrance hall, main living space which in its 18m2 consists of a dining room, kitchen, sofa, bed, and a feature wall with a TV. Depending on the time of day, the area within the studio changes. When it comes to time for socializing and dining activities, tables and chairs will descend from the plateau of the kitchen, and this can accommodate up to five to six people. When it is time for bed, the same area rises to the plateau and the bed will be pulled out. All the furniture in the apartment was measured and designed in collaboration with the architects’ permanent associates, a locksmith, and a carpenter.

There are two items within the apartment that have been purchased which are a two-seater couch and a cactus plant to finish off the aesthetic of the apartment. On the only wall that remained free in the apartment, another wow affect was achieved. A feature wall was installed in which the TV was integrated, while Graphic Studio G designed a selected print on d-bond aluminum panels with an LED backlight, great for a party with guests.

Thanks to Romana Lasan’s creative talent, evolutionary vision and attention to detail, this beautiful and unique apartment was sold after two months, The wow affects that Studio Lasan aimed for, was therefore most certainly achieved.

Images provided courtesy of Studio Lasan


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