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Blending the past and present ..

Since his arrival to the Maison in 2018, Berluti’s Artistic Director has wished to combine a pattern canvas to the brand’s hand-patinated Venezia leather. Inspired by the archives, he has conceived a motif blending Berluti’s new logo - taken from the shoe tree of the very first pair of shoes made by Alessandro Berluti - and the undulating strokes of the iconic Scritto motif, a tribute to the art of calligraphy created by Olga Berluti.

The new Berluti Signature Canvas Collection is engraved on a black textured fabric that resists everyday use. Created in collaboration with British luxury travel lifestyle brand, Globe-Trotter, each case represents the product of combined expertise, assembled with the same set of tools Globe-Trotter has used since its foundation, whilst featuring the exclusive Berluti SIGNATURE Canvas.

Printed over a black background in shades of slate and lead grey reminiscent of the Parisian landscape, SIGNATURE is made in a textured coated fabric that resists everyday use, and completed with Berluti’s trademark finishing, including leather details topped off with bootmaker studs that bring a metallic sparkle to each piece. This new collection offers a variety of briefcases, cross-body bags, clutches, totes, backpacks and a sailor bag.


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