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With launch of two new frames ..

Christopher Cloos, a leading maker of premium, timeless, and elegant eyewear, today announced the launch of two new frames in the Cloos x Brady eyewear collection. Christopher Cloos first partnered with the now seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady in the Fall of 2020, closely collaborating on an exclusive collection of sunglasses and blue light glasses.

The Cloos X Brady Hermosa frame is named after Brady's Costa Rica beach destination of choice for recharging during the offseason, continuing with the brand's theme of celebrating some of the most beautiful beaches in the world that exude a sense of tropical relaxation when worn. Staying true to Tom's taste for minimalistic, timeless designs, the Hermosa also features a new-to-the-line top bar, adding strength and boldness to the frame. The Cloos x Brady Hermosa sunglasses and blue light glasses are available now in Christopher Cloos' six signature colorways - Noire, Espresso, Grey Tonic, Ristretto, Coal and Bourbon – and retails at $189 and $199 respectively.

The Cloos X Brady Pacifica is named after Brady's childhood beach in the Bay Area. An homage to his hometown, they serve as a reminder to never forget where you came from. The two-tone glasses feature steel-infused frames and gold temples. The Pacifica will be available for purchase on June 5.

Consumers can visit for the full Cloos x Brady collection, including the debut products now referred to as "Cloos x Brady: The Original." The full Cloos x Brady collection is made from Italian M49 acetate, a 100% eco-friendly, recyclable, and biodegradable Mazzucchelli product. Additionally, packaging is now made exclusively from biodegradable materials. Christopher Cloos has committed to transitioning its full line of sunglasses, blue light glasses, and prescription glasses to be made from 100% biodegradable materials.

Images provided courtesy of PR Newswire


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