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Fendi relaunch it’s iconic 90’s must have accessory the Baguette Bag.

Made popular by the formidable ladies of Sex and the City the Silvia Venturini Fendi-designed bag was first introduced in 1997 and became a fashion mainstay.

Named the Baguette, in tribute to the French bread, and designed to nestle under your arm (just like the way the French carry their actual baguettes) Fendi is now reintroducing the bag some twenty years after its initial launch to a new generation of fashion followers.

During its heyday the Baguette was worn by some of the world’s most fashionable women; Naomi Campbell, Mary J. Blije, Jennifer Lopez and Julia Roberts are a few standouts and of course Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah Jessica Parker’s iconic character in Sex and the City. The fact that the Baguette appealed to so many differing sensibilities, was a testament to its design. It’s simple, compact shape could be dressed up or dressed down and more important, it came in a variety of textiles and patterns that gave consumers options—and encouraged them to purchase more than one.

Now it's back with an added long strap so you can wear is cross-body as well as on the shoulder with a starting price from £2,190 / $2,690.00

For more information visit: Fendi

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11 nov. 2020

After the COVID everyone's financial situation is weak. I hope you guys understand. So, are you guys giving discounts on your products? Any Black Friday or upcoming Christmas sale or any online discount coupon codes such as reecoupons. Please let me know.

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