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When you her the words Lockheed Martin you immediately think of space exploration but earlier this month the company released it's first fragrance based on the smell of space.

Named Vector the fragrance draws on the experiences of astronauts like Tony Antonelli, who have experienced the smell of the final frontier in particular in Antonelli's experience aboard his missions as a space shuttle pilot and commander.

"The first time I opened the hatch to help spacewalkers back inside, I was blown away by the strong and unique odor they brought back. I had smelled nothing like it before," said Antonelli, who now leads Orion spacecraft mission planning for Lockheed Martin.

The new scent "blends metallic notes to create a clean scent with a sterile feel, balanced by subtle, fiery undertones that burn off like vapor in the atmosphere." Lockheed Martin also claim that now "men, women and children everywhere can smell like they're floating through the cosmos.

For those looking to purchase this new "out of this world" fragrance there is one thing you will need know first......

The campaign was a joke, an elaborate April's fools joke.

That being said Lockheed Martin did in fact recreate the smell using Scented Studio, a local perfumery close to Lockheed Martin’s office who after speaking with astronauts created three different scents, and then Lockheed excitedly determined which one most closely matched the smell described by the former Space Shuttle pilot and produced roughly 2,000 sample bottles which the company handed out at the Space Symposium in Colorado.


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