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Louis Vuitton have launched a re-imagining of their classic monogram print with the new Crafty 2020 Collection ...

Bold coloring and graphic prints interpret new editions of LV Monogram which is inspired by two artistic movements from the second half of the 20th century: graffiti art and neo-expressionism.

The LV Crafty Collection uses the graphic boldness of the original Louis Vuitton Monogram canvas and revisits the print while pairing with the Monogram Giant motif in black.

There are two versions presented in this collection: cream with warm caramel or bright red, and both feature the brand's iconic LV Monogram print in black.

Additionally, the collection features embossed leather bags like the Onthego and the Pochette Metis which are adorned with an oversized version of the iconic Monogram pattern and LV Crafty detailing.

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