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There's only one thing that can put a dampener of a holiday - dodgy and cumbersome luggage. But fear not because Montblanc have unveiled the new LIGHT trolley collection ...

Touted as an ‘ideal companion for various adventures, from a holiday trip to business travel’ the new Montblanc #MY4810 LIGHT trolley collection is the ideal companion for such adventures with its energetic, functional design and striking shiny surfaces.

Simple and effective, the #MY4810 LIGHT trolley is a reliable travel essential for any modern traveler or intrepid adventurer.  The black lightweight polycarbonate exterior features a lined design on a distinctive shiny surface. The 360° degree quiet-running ball-bearing wheels and multi-stop adjustable extension handle bar with leather handle make it practical and comfortable to manoeuvre, while the two simple compartments with zip closure inside make it easy to pack.

Overnight work trips, weekend escapes or epic odysseys to distant places, the assortment features three different sizes to meet the needs of every kind of business traveler – Compact, Cabin and Medium. The Compact and Cabin sizes feature a 3-stage system handle bar, while the Medium size features a 2-stage system bar. Each trolley can be personalized with a tag available in three colours (black, blue, red).

Pack a suitcase, grab your passport and make your way to the airport. Montblanc travel companions provide the reliability, flexibility and functionality that business travelers, explorers and wanderers expect so they can focus on what really matters: reconnecting with the world through their discoveries.

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