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Ralph & Russo presents its first virtual couture collection in the wake of COVID 19 ....

British couturiers Ralph & Russo have unveiled its Fall-Winter 20/21 collection as a fantastical collaboration. Showcasing their stunning gowns against virtual backdrops of the “wonders of the world” they encourage our minds to travel to a world during a period of international lockdown and doom and gloom.

Envisioned by Tamara Ralph while at her home in lockdown the Collection is uniquely presented against the seven contemporary wonders of the world as a journey through the seasons and brought to life by an equally international individual; avatar and muse, Hauli. Named in traditional Swahili after strength and power, Hauli is at once rooted in African origins and a reflection of womankind; of the beautiful and inspiring women bringing courage and positive change to all four corners of the world.

Abundant with vibrant tones of yellow-gold and sky blue, hues of lavender and fuchsia pink, the collection harkens to the natural palette of our planet, citing seven of the globe’s most unique and awe-inspiring locations, and enhancing silhouettes with intricate floral details.

Floral details were key – adding the nature aspect to the creations. From three-dimensional organza blooms to swathes of oral taffeta and tweed – each distorted, blurred like watercolours, and digitally printed – the collection defies singularity, bridging the gap between technology and the elements.

Starting from sketches, the designs were transposed either in fabric or on screen and given the attention to detail it is difficult to spot the difference. The couture house describes the collection as a reflection on the “far-reaching beauty of our natural world and the digitally charged future.”

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