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The new TOM FORD Private Blend Reserve is a collection of eight of the brands most popular private blend editions. These intoxicating fragrances are inspired by there conception and unforgettable in their expression

The limited edition Tom Ford Private Blend Reserve Collection is an ensemble of Tom Ford's most desirable Private Blend scents packaged in a beautiful stylish black & gold bottle. The exclusive collection features:

The Amber Absolute

Tom Ford's love of precious artisanal fragrances inspired his use of the scent of pure amber, a rare and valuable extract believed to hold mystical powers. the scent's fascinating, mysterious allure is amplified with a hypnotizing refrain of African incense, labdanum, rich woods and a touch of vanilla bean.

The Bois Marocain

The exotic culture of Morocco inspired this mesmerizing scent featuring the rare and mysterious thuya wood. evocative of rich cedar with exotic facets of incense, patchouli and earthy vetiver, the essence of thuya wood is the heart of this irresistible fragrance.

The Rive de’ Ambre

Rive d'Ambre is a golden-toned eau de cologne with a veil of colonial elegance. precious citrus fruits-a talisman of good fortune in Asia-are beautifully illuminated by a warm and seductive amber background.

The Jonquille de Nuit Convention is abandoned and unexpected ingredients converge with bewitching and intoxicating results. Iconic seasonal flowers open, dropping innocent facades to reveal the subversive beauty and fierce elegance normally kept hidden. Heady, hypnotic, sensual. Jonquille de Nuit taunts the delicate narcissus flower to shed its sweetness and spiral into the self-obsessive haze that its name connotes.

Arabian Wood

A timeless chypre with distinctly modern flourishes. Featuring a lavish blend of rich florals, spices, precious woods and exotic orris.

Italian Cypress

Originally created especially for the tom ford store in Milan, this woody chypre epitomizes Italian quality and craftsmanship with its play of tradition and innovation. Robust citrus, verdant basil, and mint blend effortlessly with radiant woods and resins around a warm cypress heart.

Velvet Gardenia

Originally inspired by the gardenias Tom Ford wears in the lapels of his tuxedos, brightens the once-heavy flower and opens it up to full bloom. Lush and richly textured with the glamorous opulence of jasmine, a new sumptuous version which did not exist when the scent first launched, this edition of Velvet Gardenia is a stunning gesture of a master's perfecting touch.

Black violet

A reinterpretation of the intense violet with fresh new joie de vivre that heightens the original scent's lust for life. Embracing the light, the new dimension of brilliant citrus enlivens the mesmerizing sensuality of the scent, further clarified with the addition of a textural violet wood accord.

Each of these exclusive blends can be purchased separately as 50 ml Eau de Parfum bottles priced at $320 each or as a complete set for $2560 on the brand’s official website.


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