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Luxury Italian fashion Versace house has joined the genderless revolution and launched its first luxury unisex fragrance collection ...

The new collection of six scents: Cédrat de Diamante, Éclat de Rose, Figue Blanche, Jasmin au Soleil, Santal Boisé and Vanille Rouge. 

Cédrat de Diamante ~ "Cédrat de Diamante boasts the zest of Italian lemon, more efflorescent than traditional citrus aromas. Inspired by the Mediterranean, the perfume encompasses notes of pink grapefruit and natural woods, enhanced by aromatic cedarwood and vetiver."

Éclat de Rose ~ "Éclat de Rose boasts the Moroccan Rose Centifolia: the delicate flowers are hand-picked during the early hours of the morning and then rapidly processed. Velvety rose accords are complemented by Ambrox, a signature note that reveals facets of amber, incense, wood, tobacco and musk."

Jasmin au Soleil ~ "Jasmin au Soleil highlights jasmine flowers from India picked at sunrise to preserve their freshness. Petals are complemented by beeswax from France, containing balsamic and honey notes with hints of hay and tobacco, adding a light, velvety dimension to the perfume. The sensual tones are paired with fresh lemon and cedarwood notes."

Figue Blanche ~ "Figue Blanche encompasses fresh fig notes mixed with the pulp and essential oils of the Italian mandarin. The warm olfactory tones are complemented with zesty hints of bergamot and neroli. The fragrance is enriched with jasmine and rose petals."

Santal Boisé ~ "Crafted from Srilankan sandalwood, the milky and balsamic fragrance is obtained from the roots and heart of the wood. Cypriol, a delicate flowering herb, adds a distinctive woody, smoky and slightly oud note to the perfume."

Vanille Rouge ~ "Vanille Rouge encompasses the Madagascar vanilla, adding a hint of pralines. The sweet tones are accompanied by a powdery musk accord. The powerful fragrance contains an unexpected rose note."

Each scent comes in a different shaded bottle, made in a transparent, weighty glass to make it the epitome of luxury topped with the classic Versace gold detailing and logo. Fragrances start from $330 each for 100 ml Eau de Parfum.

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