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After months of anticipation, and an endless rumors, Apple has launched its iPhone 11 lineup along with an updated Apple Watch Series 5 ...

Continuing it's collaboration with the French luxury brand Hermes it also unveiled a sleak all black leather version.

As with all Apple products there have of course been upgrades, the new Apple Watch has an “always-on” face that dims when you turn away, instead of going dark as on the previous generation of the watch – and it’s achieved without comprising the 18-hour battery life.

The new model's display can also automatically adjust the refresh rate between 1Hz and 60Hz, allowing for additional power savings with the always-on display. This means the new Apple Watch maintains the same battery life as its predecessors.

Like all Hermes watches the new Apple Watch Hermès Series 5 will be available in two styles in “Single Tour” standard length or “Double Tour extra-long version, both in solid shades or a combination of solid color and a printed motif taken from the Hermes “Della Cavalleria” scarf.

The pricing for the Apple Watch Series 5 Hermès editions starts at $1249 and goes all the way up to $1499. It will be available on sale in selected Hermès and Apple stores starting September 20, 2019.


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