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Introducing the Atmoph Window 2 Star Wars edition, a digital window that displays scenes from the Star Wars franchise ..

How about gazing out every day onto the galaxy from the movie series we all know and love? Now Star Wars has become a view from your Window with the limited edition digital Atmoph Window 2. The real worlds of Star Wars have been meticulously recreated using computer graphic techniques, taking pride in every detail, from the age and feel of every scene to the lighting and movement of each spaceship, and with true-to-life moving sound effects.

According to the official video by Atmoph, the Window 2 gets features include Google Home compatibility, a built-in surveillance camera, and even face-tracking for a nifty parallax effect for its videos and pictures. The frame is designed with the image of a Star Wars ship and its interior in mind so you feel like you are actually looking into space.

Atmoph Window 2 includes in the purchase price three of Atmoph’s original Views, and three Views of scenes from Star Wars scenes. You will also be able to choose from more and more Views over time, as you are magically taken in surround sound and stunning true-to-life scenes to other worlds, which Lucasfilm Ltd. created.


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