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It has a been a week since the last edition of the long running Game of Throne series aired and for those super-fans who are already feeling the void in their life, Caviar the luxury Russian customization brand have a new game of thrones inspired Samsung Galaxy Fold.

The release of the flexible smartphone by Samsung was a real sensation in the world of technologies; opening up unlimited possibilities. Caviar's customization of the Samsung Galaxy Fold focuses on George R.R. Martin upcoming book from his Game of Thrones series on which the television show is based: The Winds of Winter.

The volumetric design on the front and back side of the “flexible” smartphone contains heraldic images of the great houses from the Seven Kingdoms as well as the figures of scaring dragons and palace towers. On the panel of black composite only there is an engraved map of Westeros. The screen on the front side is literally embraced by a golden bas-relief, while the thematic “wallpaper” is decorated with the book title expected by the entire world.

While the Game of Thrones-themed Galaxy Fold is available for pre-order, Caviar says “the start of sales will begin with the opening of the official Samsung Fold series.” if you want one, you’ll have to act fast the unique smartphone is presented in a limited series of just 7 copies according to the number of Westeros kingdoms and will cost a whopping $8,200. 00

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