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With the new iPhone 12 scheduled for release in mid-October, Russian customization company Caviar have decided to celebrate Apple’s inception with two limited edition Apple 1 iPhones ...

It may sound strange but the very first personal computer designed by Apple was actually hand-built by Steve Wozniak constructed within a wooden housing in his parents garage.

To commemorate this 40-years history, Caviar have decided to pay homage to this rudimentary design with two new limited editions phone. Both phones feature a wooden backplate with the first design the Apple 1 which starts from $10,000 featuring a titanium “screen” with “Hello, World” printed on it the program from the Apple 1, it also features a piece of motherboard from the original Apple I, so for tech fans this is a proper piece of computing history. Only 9 units will be made for the 128GB version of the iPhone 12 Pro.

The second phone the Apple 1 Lite is the more “affordable” phone of the two priced at $4,990 . It also has a natural wood panel back but only features a crooked hand-written “Apple” based logo along with just a tiny fragment of the Apple 1 motherboard.


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