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As we await the anticipated release of the iPhone 11, luxury customization brand Caviar, has revealed an out of this world, literally, concept title Universe Diamond ...

Caviar has established itself quite a following over the past few years. Specialists in creating exclusive and limited edition versions of existing smartphones, like the Samsung Galaxy as well as the Apple iPhone. Their latest project is a concept model based on the upcoming iPhone 11, which is not only created using six diamonds but also three rubies, one cognac diamond, two topazes, a piece of the moon, a piece of a meteorite, a piece of an unnamed spaceship and gold-plating throughout. If that's not all it comes with an out of this world price tag retailing at $48,780.

If that sounds a little outside of your price range the exclusive series includes three other models ranging in price from $5,290 - $ 7,410.

The ‘Singularity‘ model is dedicated to a Black Hole. The 'Explorer‘ model looks powerful and brutal and shows us the relentless desire of mankind for space exploration and the final model the ‘Soyuz‘ is dedicated to Soviet and Russian space researchers.

All the models start as 64GB iPhone, but can be upgraded to 512 GB model.

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