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The Russian brand Caviar pays homage to the viking warrior Ranor Lodbrok with the release of its new Viking special edition of the Nokia 3310, giving it a hexagonal body that gives it a completely new look to simulate the handle of a Viking sword.

A spectacular combination of carbon and black leather is a classical interpretation of eternal ideas of masculinity, strictness, majesty and bravery. By using this palette and these materials, the designers of Caviar created a push-button phone, which image not just reminds a martial sword from the era of Varangian rulers in the Ancient Rus, but is also gifted with its power and charisma.

The Caviar Viking Ragnar Carbon, as is the whole name of the device, has a titanium T9 keyboard. It also comes with “charismatic carbon” frame, “majestically expensive” back from alligator leather, all inspired from the manliness of ancient Vikings.

Specs-wise it is pretty much the same Nokia 6500 - 2.2” TFT screen with 320 x 240 resolution, 830 mAh and 2 MP camera with LED flash and a speaker on the back

The expressive, unusual form attracts attention – sharply defined angles build an imperious geometry and attract eyes to their decisive peaks; elegant lines, charismatic carbon, royally expensive leather, and original relief – all in this design is submitted to the scrupulous harmony borrowed from the configuration of the Scandinavic swords.

According to Caviar, not every viking could afford a sword, therefore having such a glamorous tool is also a symbol of social status. Everyone could own some weapon, but only the chosen ones had high-quality blades. Thus, to enjoy the power and strength of true men, Caviar wants you to part with RUB179,000 or $2,600.


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