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CleanseBot is a new miniature robot that will sanitize your hotel bed in minutes.

Ever booked a hotel stay and then worried about the hygiene of your bedroom and in particular your bed. On the surface the room may look clean and tidy the bed may look crisp and white but who knows what bacteria's may be lurking between those sheets?

In a 2012 study researchers found that 81% of hotel room surfaces had some fecal bacteria lingering but before you start panicking Ventur Studio's have come up with this innovative little gadget which we predict will become a staple of everyone's luggage. It's called the CleanseBot

Designed to glide over and between the bedsheets this clever little device will eradicate any bacteria that crosses its path. Using ultraviolet light (UV-C laps) it blasts effectively 99.9% of any germs and bacteria, all you need to do is place the robot down upon the sheets and hey presto like a Roomba its gets to work moving and down your sheets cleaning and sanitizing . Its sensors can detect obstacles meaning it can change directions and climb over materials.

Weighing only 320 grams (0.7 pounds) this mighty yet compact device comes with a portable charger and has been designed to be easy to pack in a carry-on case.

A Kickstarter campaign has now been fully pledged with Ventur Studio now awaiting patent approval. Priced from $99 CleanseBot deliveries are expected to be fulfilled from this April onwards.


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