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As the Coronavirus continues to spread across the globe causing panic and concern, Chinese architect Dayong Sun the founder of the firm Penda has developed a conceptual protective suit that doubles as a wearable shield...

Inspired by the source of the Coronavirus - bats - the device aptly called "Be a Batman", is inspired in part by the natural world and in part by the built environment. The suit constructed of a lightweight system, loosely resembles the lightweight wings that allow bats to fly. Users don a backpack with carbon fiber skeleton frame and a polyvinyl film then stretches over the wearer protecting the whole upper torso like a personal bubble.

According to Sun, the ultraviolet radiation network on the surface of the device can heat up to sterilize the surrounding environment killing any pathogens that makes contact, rendering the wearer safe.

To date, the virus, which was first identified in Wuhan city in the Hubei province of China, has infected 94,192 people with more than 3,219 deaths reported so far, so whilst the "Be a Batman" suit may not be a fashion trend we see taking off as a preventative measure who knows!


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