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Billion-dollar proptech ideas sought for new fully-funded new product development programme ..

Could you have the next billion-dollar business idea? Enabled by technology, company founders from the likes of Gymshark, Brewdog, Zoom, Uber and Deliveroo have already turned that initial idea into reality, transforming the industries they operate in in the process. Now, a new competition from the home of technology in business and professional services, SuperTech, is on the hunt for the next unicorn business idea and will be offering a fully funded development programme. The term ‘unicorn’ was first coined by venture capitalist Aileen Lee in 2013 and refers to any independently owned business worth $1bn (£706m) or more. Famous UK unicorns include Scotland’s Brewdog, Deliveroo, and Birmingham-based Gymshark, which employs more than 700 people at its Solihull headquarters.

Six business ideas will be taken from conception through to development and launch. A process that just two years ago would have required £100,000's worth of investment and 1,000s of hours of development and coding time.

Now, thanks to investment by the Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership (GBSLEP) and technology partner Million Labs - which is match funding three of the six spaces - businesses and individuals from anywhere in the UK can create and launch their new product or service idea in a fraction of the time, with funded technology build.

David Hardman, GBSLEP Board Director, said: “For any new business, developing technology comes at a cost and a risk – both of which are known barriers to success. It usually takes time to grow and test the quality of business ideas but thanks to new innovations such as no-code and low-code, work can now progress at speed.

“We’re extremely fortunate here in the West Midlands to have SuperTech - the leading proponent of technology adoption for business and professional services firms in the UK which is supported by GBSLEP and firms like Million Labs who specialise in no-code.

“This new development programme will be led by Million Labs and shows off our unique offering as a LEP to bring public and private sector investment together with view to creating inclusive economic growth through job creation and a greater adoption of technology. One of the consequences of lockdown has been the increase in technology adoption, with relatively unknown companies like Zoom becoming household names. I’d encourage anyone, whether within an existing business or as an individual, with a game-changing idea, to enter the SuperTech Seeds competition.'

Former AECOM director & SuperTech executive lead, Hilary-Smyth- Allen added: “Global research firm Gartner has already predicted that low-code technologies will be worth $13.8 billion by the end of 2021, a 22.6% on its $11.2 billion valuation in 2020. As the UK’s largest tech and digital cluster outside of London, as well as the leading regional location for start-ups, the West Midlands is well-placed to become the UK’s new centre of no-code and low-code development.”

The SuperTech Seeds programme is open to any UK national or British passport holder aged 16 and above. Ideas will be assessed by a panel of experts drawn from the SuperTech leadership team, with successful applicants being notified no later than the end of July.

Application must be submitted online via by 5pm Monday 19 July with shortlisting announced by 20th July.

Good Luck!

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Unknown member
Jul 28, 2023

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