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Since Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck late last year we have had numerous interpretations of the “cyber” effect with the cybergarage, cyberhouse and now the cyber phone…

Russian luxury tech company Caviar have recently announced the Cyberphone, an iPhone 11 Pro that's been modified to look like Tesla's electric truck. The company says the phone's aesthetic was inspired by the geometry of Tesla's angular Cybertruck, which the company announced in November.

The rather chic phone comes with a titanium body and borrows design cues from the Cybertruck for the phone’s “geometry of lines and versatility of materials. It's essentially an iPhone 11 Pro inside a titanium case that protects it from all sides. On the front, there's a titanium screen protector that folds into a holder that props up the phone vertically when placed on a flat surface.

The super-luxe phone is limited to only 99 units and can be purchased at the Caviar website with process starting from $5,256

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Unknown member
Jul 28, 2023

The ar ticle provides a fascinating glimpse into the future of On

Demand office equipment technology. It perfectly encapsulates the remarkable progress we're witnessing in the tech industry, where the simple device like an iPhone can become an essential tool for work, replacing traditional office hardware. This leap showcases how innovative technology can create efficiencies and adapt to evolving demands. In this fast-paced, ever-changing world, technology is becoming more integrated and personalized, leading to a seamless, productive, and satisfying work experience.

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