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Looking like a construction crane Dyson's Lightcycle can automatically adjust its lighting temperature based on ambient light or time of day to fool your body into thinking your actually using natural light.

Unlike other Dyson's products the Lightcycle isn't aesthetically pleasing in fact it's pretty clinically looking. Designed to hover and put light directly over a specific work area, instead of illuminating an entire room, the Lightcycle comes with a plethora of features.

A set of touch-sensitive buttons and sliders allow users to manually turn the Lightcycle on and off, tweak the light’s color temperature, adjust its intensity, and toggle functions like an infrared motion sensor that automatically turns the lamp off when you walk away for longer than two minutes. But using a Bluetooth-connected app users have even more control. The app allows you to specify your location so that the Lightcycle’s color temperature and intensity mirror the conditions outside throughout the span of a day, and what’s recommended given the age of the user. But you can also dial in an exact color temperature in Kelvins if, for example, you’re doing color-critical publishing work and need to proof printouts or photographs. The app’s inability to automatically set your location based on your GPS location is a little disappointing, and at least at launch, its ability to manage multiple Lightcycles at once is far from streamlined.

In addition various modes and presets can also be selected including a “Relax” mode that’s tailored for reading, a “Boost” mode when a higher intensity is required, or a “Sleep” mode which disables the motion sensor.

Priced from $599 for the desk version, while the taller floor version is $899

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