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The Vatican has launched a new eRosary bracelet sync'd to an accompanying “Click to Pray” app, which is designed to help Catholic users pray...

The wearable technology which costs £85 ($109) has been designed to use a a bracelet and features a crucifix interface which is activated when users make the sign of a cross. It consists of 10 black agate and hematite rosary beads and a "smart cross" that stores data linked to the app.

Launched by the Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network, he Click To Pray eRosary serves as a technology-based pedagogy to teach the young how to pray the Rosary, how to pray it for peace, how to contemplate the Gospel. It enables users monitor the progress of each prayer and provides users with an audio prayer-guide via the app and can be accessed in English, Italian or Spanish.

The Vatican said in a press release that this project brings spiritual tradition and the latest technological advances together.

The product comes beautifully packages in a box designed to look like a bible, complete with a decorated inner-page and a bookmark ribbon, and the charger doubles as a display stand.


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