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The world’s first Smart toilet for dogs InuBox captures, processes and contains waste with an automated process. Designed so that you don´t have to deal with your dog’s waste while maintaining a clean, fresh smelling home. 

Recently unveiled at CES 2019, InuBox promises to be an automated solution for canine owners who have to leave there furry friends indoors for extended periods allowing for the dogs to relieve themselves whilst indoors

According to the company, InuBox works by detecting when your dog steps on the platform. Once the pooch finishes its business, InuBox senses that there was waste left behind and closes the platform to start the cleaning process so it ready for use again.

The 'InuBox' dog toilet is characterized by a 100% odor-free design that will lock pet waste, once the machine has processed enough waste, it produces a fully sealed bag that you can easily dispose of however you see fit. By wrapping up the waste in bags, Inubox is designed to make sure your house has no trace of the smell of waste wafting around it.

Inubox also offers an smart connectivity so you can remotely set it up if you happen to be away from home for a longer period then anticipated.

Inubox claims it will be launching soon and is using Kickstarter to raise €75,000 to fund its initial production with delivery planned for November 2019


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