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Getting under your car to carry out maintenance work is somewhat of a hassle however Thomas Biagiolo is hoping to change all this with his new car jacking system aptly titled "It's a Jack"

The innovative car jack doesn't just lift the car of the ground but tilts the entire vehicle to one side for easy access. Engineered using a cutting-edge, modern design that makes it easy to get to work underneath any car up to 3.5 tons.

Benefits of the new car jack system include :

– it’s durable, – it causes no stress to the chassis or wheel bearings, – it’s easy to take apart and put back together (just in few minutes), – it can tilt up to 3.5 tons, – it comes with a roll-over-security, – it fits into every regular home garage, – it’s simple to use, for him or her, and…… – it’s affordable.

To get the project of the ground (excuse the pun!) the new car jacking system is currently raising funds of $25,000 via Kickstarter and if all goes well the product should be available to buy from July 2019

For more details and a list of all available pledge options or to watch a short demonstration video visit Kickstarter

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