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Designed for people who love the great outdoors. The Land Rover Explore R is a rugged smartphone purpose-built to thrive in challenging environments....

The designers at Landrover definitely know know what is needed to enjoy the great outdoors but when it comes to phones even the latest smartphones are cut out for life outdoors which is why the people at Landrover have come up with the Explore R.

Featuring design cues from the new Land Rover Defender – matching its versatility, elegance and build quality. The Explore R is a designed to endure the most challenging environments.

The screen is protected against scratches by the latest Corning® Gorilla® glass 6 and the Explore R has a super-bright display so you can easily read it – even in full sunlight. The touchscreen works if it’s wet or your hands are wet, and even if you’re wearing gloves. As well as being drop-proof this phone is so waterproof you can even wash it with soap, water and a scrubbing brush!

Whether you’re hiking through a mountain-top blizzard or sat in a high-level boardroom meeting, this phone is tough, reliable and will keep on working for you.

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