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Nike Adapt is the new self-lacing trainers, designed to fit to the shape of your foot controlled completely via a smartphone.

The futuristic footwear Nike Adapt BB feature what the sportswear brand calls "power laces", which tighten or loosen at the press of a button either on the shoes or through a connected smartphone app.

Designed for basketball, the shoes can be programmed to remember different fit settings that users can switch between in different situations, such as moving from playing a game to resting on the sidelines, says Nike.

Nike Adapt BB is the first continually updated performance product from Nike due to the near-symbiotic relationship between the shoe’s digital app and the shoe’s opt-in firmware updates. As the FitAdapt system hones the quality of fit in basketball, the next step will be to bring FitAdapt to other sports and lifestyle products, each with unique demands for fit in different environments.

The latest version released for sale 17th February cost $350 and will not require a physical button to activate the laces.

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