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Sharp is set to unveil the worlds largest 8K LCD Tv at the IFA Berlin 2019 ...

The Japanese company has not yet revealed the name of the product but did indicate that it will be on exhibition from today the September 6 to September 11 at the world's leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances and will feature a 120-inch display capable of 8K resolution TV.

The TV is designed for use during pubic exhibitions such as in museums and schools. The TV can remotely display ultra-clear videos and pictures of artworks. The exact size of the 5G TV wasn’t disclosed but it can broadcast 8K HDR content.

Sharp is hoping to build an 8K + 5G ecosystem that can transmit ultra-clear videos and pictures to end-users via 5G networks or upload them to the Internet. Transmitting high-gamut 8K ultra-clear videos require at least 512Gbps of ultra-high bandwidth, and only 5G can provide that kind of speed.

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