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When we look up into the night sky we are often greeted with the starry lights of Orion the Hunter, the Big Dipper and if a new Russian start up company has it's way the

Coca Cola !!

Start Rocket, founded by Vlad Sitnikov plans to install the first advertising billboards in space using a formation of tiny cube satellites also know as CubeSats to create programmable displays situated roughly 280 miles above the ground within a low-Earth orbit of 400-500 kilometers.

Whilst Vlad Sitnikov is no space engineer of scientist he is a marketing man with a plan, and according to ASTROLOGY Magazine, Vlad Sitnikov approached SkolTech, a private university in Moscow, to figure out the technical details, contracting a team of engineers to develop a prototype. Their first test launch could happen this summer, with a full execution in 2021.

Of course being the first to do something will always come with its detractors, astronomers have criticized the plans for several reasons. According to astronomer Patrick Seitzer from the University of Michigan there are several technical issues with regards to keeping the CubeSats in formation, although the company says these have been addressed there is also the question of space debris, CubeSats will only have a life expectancy of 12 months. Currently there is over 20,000 objects orbiting our planet as listed in the official public catalog maintained by the U.S. Air Force and less than 10 percent of those objects are active satellites—the rest is trash; dead satellites, old rocket bodies and parts of space crafts so if this project was to get of the ground this figure could increase dramatically.

Whilst no indication has been given to how much this type of advertising would cost Star Rocket insists the tech could be ready by as early as 2021 depending on funding and government regulation approval.


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