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You own a smartphone and yet your shed is still full of outdated garden tools? Yes these tools were useful once, now they are retro! So it’s time for an upgrade. Say hello to Kobi, the world’s first fully autonomous all-season garden robot. It mows your lawn. It removes your leaves, and it blows away the snow ...

While autumn offers a wonderful scene of colour the truth in the matter is fallen leaves on your lawn are a nuisance with maintenance a time-consuming and repetitive task, yes you can hire a gardener but why bother when The Kobi a fully automated leaf blower can patrol your perimeter (and everything in between) to remove and tidy your garden.

Controlled via a smartphone app, The Kobi will ensure your garden is kept in pristine condition deploying itself whenever it detects work needs to be done and heading back to its charger whenever it needs a bit more juice.

Not just limited to leaf blowing, The Kobi will also mow your lawn autonomously keeping your lawn looking healthy by mulching your grass and in the event of snow storms The Kobi is a true expert. Connected to a weather forecast app, The Kobi knows when it will snow and will even warn you accordingly whilst autonomously removing the snow in small quantities while it is falling.

And whilst your garden will become the envy of your neighbors you can rest assured that The Kobi will be safe as it come complete with an anti-theft detection and is protected by a pin-code. If a theft takes place an alarm will sound and you will get a warning on your smartphone and The Kobi will also go in disable mode, rendering it useless to the thief.

Available to purchase online priced at $3,999.

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